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AB Serve official supplier to Groupe Renault

26 March 2018

Groupe Renault  has recognised AB Serve’s know-how in paintless dent removal (PDR) and has included it on the world panel for all its compliance operations for damaged vehicles.

Thanks to the know-how of its teams, AB Serve’s PDR services are now internationally accredited by Groupe Renault. The integration of AB Serve into the panel of suppliers, which could be called upon to intervene anywhere in the world to perform all the compliance services for vehicles involved in an accident and covered by Groupe Renault insurance was confirmed by the signing of a framework agreement on 20 October 2017.

It took a whole year! One year from the moment when Renault’s World-wide Service Department undertook to consult AB Serve to the time when a need arose and the submission of a claim offered the opportunity for a test operation. It was during the summer of 2017 that the (long-awaited) hailstorms arrived! 150 vehicles at a Renault agency in the south of France were devastated (100 to 1,200 impacts per vehicle) and the subsequent call for tenders meant that the AB Serve team finally had the opportunity to show what it was capable of.

In competition with those of four other companies in Spain, Italy and France, the AB Serve tender was minutely examined. In accordance with Renault’s procedures, each service provider has been the subject of several audits throughout the operation and was judged by a wide range of criteria: compliance with the Renault process, technology, efficiency, quality and price, of course, but also compliance with the law, the French Labour Code and safety standards. The gamble paid off for AB Serve! Thanks to the brilliant results obtained, the know-how and professionalism of its members of staff has now been established. Among the points which the manufacturer found particularly attractive during this vehicle realignment operation, we may mention the detail in the bid, the price, the quality of the paint repair and the care taken with dismantled parts.

Bolstered by this success, AB Serve can now offer its services to all the companies in Groupe Renault, namely 5 brands in 134 countries throughout the world.