Workflows logistics

The availability and the wide range of provided qualified resources help the industrialists optimizing their internal production management with serenity.

Leaning on its experience of demanding branches of industry such as those of the aeronautics, the automotive and the agricultural machine, AB Serve stands as an expert of the industrial logistics and alleviates its customers of the low value-added operations of supply chain management.

By appealing to AB Serve, the industrialists can refocus on their core business and be more serene faced to the complexity and the increasing requirements of the internal processes of production.

These support services in logistics come along with the AB Serve’s commitment as for the transparency of the used methods and skills and with the implementation of working procedures adapted to the activity and to the internal processes of its customers.

AB Serve incorporates logistics skills and equipment into companies’ quality system to participate in the improvement of their flows.
As a logistic services provider AB Serve undertakes all its customers’ physical and computer flows – from raw material, supplier parts and consumables reception to workshops or production lines supply:

  • Production lines supply
  • Loading and unloading
  • Reconditioning
  • Computer input of production flows

AB Serve’s workflows logistics assets :

▷ AB Serve Group owns its own Temp Company: Valoris emploi
▷ Physical and computer complete traceability
▷ QES reglementation perfect knowledge


Equipe logistique AB Serve

AB Serve provides a complete service of production lines supply including the preparation of the components according to the transmitted daily needs and their just-in-time delivery on lines.

By entrusting AB Serve its loading and unloading operations, the customer benefits from a dedicated and experimented driver, able to load and to unload and to control the conformity of the deliveries and the shipping with a constant efficiency, whatever the size of the container.

AB Serve undertakes the deconditioning, the reconditioning and the evacuation of delivery waste so that components are delivered to production lines in adapted containers only. Thanks to a real-time overview of the logistic flows, AB Serve teams manage lines supply priorities with complete autonomy.

By entering in real-time the movements of the parts its team handle, AB Serve gives its customers a continuous and accurate vision of their stock - in terms of quantity and geo-localization- and allows them to compensate for the shortage induced by non-conforming parts removal and to anticipate potential supply problems.