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AB Serve offers 3D metrology equipment for leasing

23 July 2021

AB Serve is expanding its range of services and now offers mobile three-dimensional measuring arms for leasing.

Since 2011 AB Serve has been offering its all-inclusive metrology services from measurement services on the customer’s premises, through laboratory analyses of surveys to the recovery of files. The company is now rounding off its range by offering all its equipment for leasing, thus enabling the customer to undertake the work for itself.

Building on its success, the AB Serve metrology department has gradually developed a wide range of measuring arms with volumetric capacity from 1.2 to 3m, with or without high definition scanners. This enables the team of metrological engineers to respond to every type of requirement. So, why lease this equipment? And what is the profile of customers interested in this new service?

Strangely, the companies which most often have recourse to this type of leasing are those which are themselves well equipped. Because they must send their equipment back to the manufacture for maintenance or calibration purposes, they regularly find themselves without items of equipment. This leasing service from AB Serve allows them to avoid down-time and to have the use of equivalent equipment for periods of up to one month.

Some companies may also opt for leasing to cope with a temporarily increased work load. For others leasing is a way of accessing state-of-the-art technology, even for one-off operations, which would not justify the size of the investment. It makes it possible to have constant access to the best equipment and to follow market development at minimal cost. It may also be a way of trying out a machine and thus satisfying themselves of the wisdom of investing in such a machine.

Finally, industrialists may simply see it as a way of equipping themselves without constraints. Opting for leasing is therefore also opting for peace of mind. Maintenance, insurance and calibration are all the responsibility of AB Serve.

Whatever the equipment, whether it is required in the short or long term, AB Serve’s aim is that the provision and use of the equipment should proceed smoothly for the customer. This is why, apart from advice and assistance, the leasing contract also covers the delivery and return of the equipment, in suitable packaging, by the carrier.

AB Serve étend son offre métrologie 3d avec la location d'équipements