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[CSR] AB Serve goes for eco-pasture

11 February 2020

After having introduced waste sorting many years ago in all the companies of the group and their multiple sites, after having eliminated single-use cups and having replaced them with reusable cups, AB Serve and the companies of AB Serve Group now switch to eco-pasture.

A few sheep to replace the machines
Carefree maintening of the ground all year round. Sheep take care of everything! Or almost everything ! The ECO-PATTES association, owner of the herd, manages the rest. Once the fence is built, and the shelter and the water reserve brought, sheep can move in. Carers also watch over the animals through regular visits.

Just because one doesn’t produce anything doesn’t mean that one can not do anything!
Certainly, the AB Serve Group companies are service providers and their impact on the environment is limited. However, they strive to integrate the concept of sustainable development into their functioning, and to contribute to the preservation of the environment. Signing a long-term partnership with the ECO-PATTES association for the maintenance of their grounds is one of these small changes which, added to one another, can bring a lot.

The virtues of eco-pasture
Of course, these small four-legged mowers are above all an ecological solution. Animals, here sheep, elsewhere goats or donkeys, maintain the ground in a reasoned way, without machine or chemical product, and therefore, without harming biodiversity. Economical, eco-pasture reduces maintenance costs by around 65%.
Finally, the integration of farm animals into urban areas creates social ties. It has the sympathy of the public and the employees. It can also be a pretext for discovery, in a rather urban environment. These little black sheep are a source of attention and curiosity. Originally from the island of Ouessant, off the coast of Brittany, they were selected for their hardiness, which allows them to spend the winter outdoors.

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AB Serve choisit l'eco-paturage