AB Serve intervenes with the industrialists, and realizes a complete range of rework and compliance services.

Not bounding to the strict compulsory control specification and focusing on the used methods and competencies transparency, AB Serve also contributes to the industrial processes optimization.

AB Serve intervenes with companies of different sectors _ automotive, aeronautics, luxury and cosmetics _ bringing its expertise and its skills via quality management correctives services.

The teams to whom AB Serve entrusts these missions are real technical experts which benefit from trainings in quality, specifically adapted to their respective jobs. The fields of intervention of compliance of AB Serve are :

  • Mechanical and electromechanical
  • Electronical
  • Bare and painted sheet metal
  • Paint repair
  • Vehicles interiors and upholstery
  • Modernization of Unit Parts

AB Serve Compliance’s assets :

▷ Control Specification’s writing
▷ Reporting and passed on instructions display
▷ Regular in-house trainings to promote the development of the employees’ skills
▷ Multi-abilities chart
▷ Workstation audits
▷ Experts for every sector (electromechanical, smart repair, upholstery…)



Highly qualified, AB Serve teams assure the repair or the replacement of any vehicle organ (gearbox, engine, distribution, pump, radiator, …), as well as the detection and repair of electric disorder (wiring, component, …) on finished vehicles, in accordance with CSR standards, and guarantee each of their interventions by a systematic check with an electronic diagnostic device.

On its customers’ plants or in its ESD equipped workshop, AB Serve undertakes any electronic rework (CMS components, servomotor card, PCB, car radio). Its electronics engineers of great experience are capable of weld with leaded thread and unleaded thread, IPC 7711 and 7721 trained, and intervene in accordance of ESD and S/R standards.

The outstanding know-how and the skills of his sheet iron reworkers allow AB Serve to intervene right after press process or on shoeing line at the manufacturers’ to repair any defects of aspect and structure (inlay, deformation, teeth, hollow, …) on bare sheet metal, and to make sensitive repairs on painted sheet metal and elements of body, without repainting.

AB Serve’s highly qualified painters undertake any kind of rework operations (feather, bathed join, …) on finished vehicle’s isolated element (stripe, difference of tint, grain, …), may it be of metal, plastic or composite.

As experts in dismantling and reassembly, AB Serve’s saddlers undertake rework operations of any internal or outside elements of a finished vehicle (replacement of an element, adjustment of opening), in accordance with CSR standards.

AB Serve contributes to its customers’ success by carrying out some modernization operations during project phases on all kinds of parts (drilling of elongated hole, nuts welding by electrode (PSE), weld seam, stud welding, and cutting).