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Connected services with MyABServe

1 October 2020

AB Serve launches connected services with MyABServe! A unique dematerialized management solution, developed to make life easier for customers and AB Serve teams.

Intervention requests online
In a few clicks, our teams open an intervention request and fill in the customer’s need on the platform and issue the corresponding proposal. With their identifiers, the customer only has to validate terms and conditions for the intervention to be launched.

Day-to-day monitoring
Gone are the days of waiting for weekly reports! Thanks to MyABServe, clients can follow the progress of their intervention from anywhere, 24/7, analyze and take advantage of the results instantly. They thus save precious time in the process of securing their production.

Digital data storage
No more piles of intervention reports piling up on the desk / in the cupboards, at the risk of being mixed up, lost or thrown away! Reports, statistics, service history, everything is now available for consultation and download via MyABServe!

Performance gains for all
The platform facilitates the flow of information between the players in the field (AB Serve and customer teams) and the various support services (accounting, invoicing, human resources). By optimizing the monitoring and analysis of interventions for the customer, MyABServe is yet another guarantee of transparency.

Gentler on the planet
With MyABServe, by continuing its digital transformation, AB Serve finally intends to make its modest contribution in the fight for the preservation of the environment. The dematerialized management of its activities considerably reduces its paper consumption.


Solution unique de dématérialisation des prestations AB Serve