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AB Serve alongside electrical vehicles manufacturers

2 December 2019

As an anthology partner of the automotive industry, AB Serve has anticipated the revolution of electric vehicles. Trained upstream, their teams were able to respond present when the first quality alert was issued on electric vehicles production line.

AB Serve has always strived to be attentive to its customers and their sectors, in order to adjust its range of services to their needs. In the case of accelerated development of electric vehicles, AB Serve has, as usual, applied this principle. By closely following the progress of the market and the characteristics of the various models to come, the company has ensured that it has the appropriate skills within its teams, to intervene immediately at the slightest alert.

Being a service provider in industrial quality means being responsive. The slightest interruption on production line might costs huge money. It is therefore essential to have at all times the necessary skills to bring any component of a vehicle into compliance. AB Serve has therefore prepared for the launch of these new models by training its teams to the particularities of electric motors, but not only. In addition to their revolutionary engines, vehicles of this new generation are full of electronic innovations, embedded technologies, integrated to optimize the comfort of the user, on which AB Serve is also able to intervene.

From experience, AB Serve knows that quality alerts are more frequent when launching new references. Constantly evolving, its range of services adapts to customers innovations, even before they start to produce them.

AB Serve intervient sur les véhicules électriques - electrical vehicles compliance