One of AB Serve’s purposes is to assist its customers with their quality’s and industrial logistics’ issues. The dedicated teams of experts endeavor to find and to set up reliable and sustainable custom-made solutions, which become integrated into the process of continuous improvement of the company.

Finished vehicle rating to optimize customer experience

The Finished vehicle rating is a service that consists of evaluating the quality of manufacture of vehicles leaving the factory. Mid-way between the internal audit and the customer satisfaction survey, the finished vehicle rating is a service from AB Serve’s “Containment/Analysis-Engineering” range.

AB Serve’s vehicle rating meets the need of manufacturers to objectively ensure that each of their plants respects all stages of the process. It is conducted by certified technicians who place themselves as independent auditors. The operation aims to evaluate the manufacturing quality of vehicles before they are shipped out.

The inspection, which requires no less than six hours per vehicle, consists of a static testing phase and a dynamic testing phase. It includes several hundred control points based on the criteria of the most demanding customers: appearance, comfort, noise, operation of equipment, presence of all ordered options, … This screening of the finished vehicle gives rise to the establishment of a report called “customer vision”; because it is similar to the result of a customer satisfaction survey in preview.

Embedded in the manufacturers’ continuous improvement approach, the vehicle rating aims a double objective:
– validate the reliability of factory controls and take appropriate measures in case of failure,
– evaluate and improve the customer experience.


cotation véhicule sortie d'usine