One of AB Serve’s purposes is to assist its customers with their quality’s and industrial logistics’ issues. The dedicated teams of experts endeavor to find and to set up reliable and sustainable custom-made solutions, which become integrated into the process of continuous improvement of the company.

Emergency firewall

Facing a much too long supply deadline for an immediate repair, the distributor appointed AB Serve to urgently secure the lot at its customer.

Upon receipt of a delivery of 200 000 screws among which some parts presented a defect of head imprint, a company asked its distributor of fixation equipment to take the delivery back and replace it.

Once there, AB Serve’s team quickly realized that the customer’s premises had no big enough zone to implant such a large firewall quality. All three parts then agreed on the necessity of outsourcing the service, and on a minimum stock of conform screws to be daily delivered to prevent any production interruption.