One of AB Serve’s purposes is to assist its customers with their quality’s and industrial logistics’ issues. The dedicated teams of experts endeavor to find and to set up reliable and sustainable custom-made solutions, which become integrated into the process of continuous improvement of the company.

To the service of luxury

In search of a reliable 3D measurement technique, a prestigious crystal glassworks consulted AB Serve to measure one of their original creations. Meant to be mass-produced, the luxury item was to be thoroughly scanned in order to be duplicated.

To produce identical replica models, the customer needed to design a mold. AB Serve was therefore responsible for providing them with the single file which would enable them to do so.

Using their expertise and their high-tech equipment, AB Serve’s metrologists proceeded to scan the supplied plaster model. Data were collected into a cloud of points and compressed within a zip file genuinely reflecting the precious three dimensional measurements.

Satisfied of the solution and the service, this company has regularly called upon AB Serve’s teams to perform their original creations’ measurements ever since.